Saturday, February 24, 2007

6:10 pm
ah, saturdays. weekends in general are nice. my neck is sore. the game on thurs. was great-- we won! came from behind, too! although we should not get into a habit of that. but it was really fun. i am so glad that there is a team here like red devils soccer. yesterday i went to bonsai with em, sam, lisa, cara, and becca, and emily's sister jenna. it was yummy and fun. then we watched "friends" and some people played poker and then some of us watched "united 93." it was very well done, and of course extremely intense. it is very surreal to watch because.. i mean, i was alive that day. remember? 5 1/2 years ago? lord. it was interesting seeing what had gone on behind the scenes at all the military bases and air traffic control rooms or whatever they were. then i talked to chris moore and anna and becca and em about movies which was fun. i love knowing movie trivia. i am such a geek. hehe.
today i woke up at 11ish and was suddenly motivated to work out. so i did, and then i ate brunch with ann and some others. then i did laundry and took a shower and hung out some. i sat outside awhile this afternoon bc it really feels like early spring instead of late february. i did some martin luther reading there and in the union. now i am waiting to go to le diner with emily and her family and some other people. it will be fun! then we are going watch titanic! and the OSCARS ARE TOMORROW!!!!!!!!! :)
a week from today i will be home and the musical will be great!

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