Monday, October 16, 2006

4:35 pm

BIRTHDAY TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! almost, that is. *woot*!
this past month (haha, how sad) has been good. went home for fall break which was really nice. and have gotten back some good grades! yay. took the first half of my philosophy midterm today and have multiple scripts to memorize for theatre by thursday, aaack! but oh well, whatever. i am sleepy. this weekend was really fun. went pumpkin patching with emily, rebecca, and louis... went to the soda shop w/ the girls and lindsay and megan. yum! sooo good. went to "a night with the cats" the pep-rallyish thing... then watched lots of "friends" with emily and john shields! hahaha. tres enjoyable. on sat. night i went to jeff's house for elizabeth's bday celebration. yesterday i went to DUMC and napped and worked and watched "le retour de martin guerre" for le francais.
yawnness. it is starting to get cold... exciting!! fall! holidays! ee!
i am trying not to feel too old. :P

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