Tuesday, October 17, 2006

2:07 pm
listening to EMILY'S BIRTHDAY MIX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ahh it has been a great birthday so far!! i talked to allie, robby, and melissa last night and at midnight there was a bang on the door and there were lots of 3rd belk girls and emily with a waffle and strawberry cake!!!!!!!!! :-D it was so awesome. and jess gave me her wonderful gifts-- yay notebook and markers and daschund pen! emmy and i went to breakfast and she gave me her present,yay! and i talked to megs on the phone!! today has been great, it's pouring outside but that's really nice! and theatre class was let out early so maret, jax, josh, brendan, and i went to the union and i got hot chocolate and an ice cream snickers! then i had a good film class and had a really good lunch with lindsay! yay. now i am back in my room... listening to high school musical songs on em's CD. Hehe. robby should be coming soon too! ahh yay for great birthdays. :)

ps- I was so YOUNG when i started this blog!! jeez.

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