Sunday, September 10, 2006

10:56 pm

i'm mad that i haven't written on this for several months decently. now i am in college and it is fun but strange. strange not to be at home or with the people that i have spent my entire life with. robby came to visit this weekend which was so much fun but so sad when he had to leave. at least he is only 55 minutes away. that is comforting in itself, i suppose. i am listening to ella right now. very comforting. my eyes are still sore from being sad today. and tomorrow is monday. and this is a busy week coming up. oh lord. sigh. sleepyness. 5 years ago was 9/11. that is pretty much insane. i am so so so old. at least i feel so old. we watched shrek 2 on friday night and it is so hard to believe that when we first saw it together was 2 1/2 years ago. bahhh! time! how dare you go away so fast!!! hrmph. i can look on this blog and see what i wrote when i was in 8th grade, and so naive. i'm actually still pretty naive, but was moreso then. i don't like not knowing all the faces i see like i did in high school. though, high school did used to be a very scary place. but then i got used to it and i loved and will always love it. *sigh* so i just thought i would vent a tad. i hope i can write on this more. i feel bad for taking a long sabbatical.
let's not fuss and let's not fight
i'm sick and tired of saying goodnight
well let's make up and hold each other tight
we both know we're birds of a feather
let's go into business together
we can start a business of our own
we fuss and we fight
we made up tonight
and it's nobody's business but our own!
-ella and friends. lovely.

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