Tuesday, May 30, 2006

11:46 pm

yawn. je suis fatiguee! and C'EST L'ETE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *woot*
pool time with M & V, cleaning, etc... sleeping! "narnia", "friends", "sex and the city", time/phone with robby, "the time traveler's wife" (good book!), pizza time with the grandparents, oh yeah! painting squares in amy's office!!!!!!!!!!!! setting up my davidson email account, etc... lalalalalala SUMMMMMMMMMMERTIIIIIIIIIIME

2 years have passed since i saw my lovely boy! :D


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Anonymous said...

claire remember that time you were talking about time travelers wife and i was like "that's a good book" and you said something along the lines of "you read that?? that big book??" as if you were just completely amazed..good times.