Tuesday, May 16, 2006

10:40 pm

ONLY ONE MORE EXAM!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! AND ONLY FOR AN HOUR!!!!!!!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D wow. i cannot believe it is all coming to a close. i cannot believe high school is over in 10 days when we graduate. i cannot believe we got our caps and gowns today. how scary! it is hard to think that there is anything outside of the high school realm, that this is really not the biggest part of our lives. it so feels like it. it kind of seems like we're winding down just another school year though i know we're not because we don't have anything to do in class, hell, we don't have to be in class, and yearbooks are being signed with longer notes than usual. but it still does not quite seem real. it is insane how these 4 years have passed and i don't think i'll ever truly believe the speed they've gone with. i feel very old and yet very young at the same time. i'm actually having to face that whole moving out and going to college thing. which is terrifying because it's like all those days i thought would never come-- first day of middle school, high school, etc. and yet this one is the most terrifying. and the most real of all of them it seems. some days i am more excited than others. like today i loooooved laughing in the spotlight room at palmer's silly typing with like everyone else. and i loved watching the godfather in dr. gramling's class and eating cake with math symbols on it that ET and LN made and having everyone sign my yearbook and having ben spell my name without an E like he probably has for 10 years and everything. it is so strange. i really don't think i will believe it until my brother goes to school that monday in august and i don't. i really don't.

but for now i am still in high school and it's late and i still have to shower and i haven't really studied for my exam that starts at 8 am. *woot*

haha the "word verification" on the blogger tonight is "sayizo"-- like "say it isn't so." ironicness.

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