Monday, April 10, 2006

4:50 pm

so adrienne told me that i had not blogged recently... which is true. last week was spring break. i hung out, watched some movies, cleaned, slept, etc. etc. helped bethany out at fernbank, typed for nana, picnic at lullwater with youths. went to kathryn's funeral on wednesday... it was so sad. she was an amazing girl in so many ways and i did not know her well. the church was full and it was a great service, a very good tribute to her. her xc coach and youth counselor both spoke, one of her friends composed a piano piece, they read a poem called "your laughter" by neruda in spanish and english, her best friends recited their prayers in hebrew, the minister really knew her, we sang "prince of peace" and "isaiah 43" which really got to me because i love those songs too. but so sad. i pray for her friends who had to go to chamblee without her today... the beginning of a very long two years.

on thursday i hung out with robby because he was back from his trip. we rented king kong and watched with mason and ate dinner with my family etc. very nice. on friday afternoon mom, dad, and i drove up to davidson-- got in a snarly traffic jam on the way there, but got there in time to have dinner at the brickhouse tavern with my cousins. yummy foods. also got ben and jerrys. (i have had SO MUCH ice cream in the past week it is not even funny. sigh) on sat. they had the "decision davidson" open house. we took a tour of the fine arts facilities, heard speeches from the VP/dean, senior speaker, and the president. heard a neat lecture by an english prof re: early anglo-saxon poetry. ate lunch. met admissions staff, profs, and members of young democrats, literary mag, newspaper, honor council, etc. etc. then had a very cool session with 3 current students to answer our questions about anything. i really enjoyed that. then had a closing session. then we ate at the soda shop and left for home.

yesterday was sunday... a springy palm sunday! met the molls for breakfast, then went to sunday school. very enjoyable. at church they announced our new sr. pastor and that jordan will be taking amy's spot! yay. then went to lunch @ panera w/ robby, mom, dad, les grandparents, and mase. on the way there chatted with M(aggie)(egan)(aia), LK, and Ms. D, who were all at starbucks. then i went home. took a nice long nap... then choir and youth. SKATING NIGHT!!! eee! return to the childhood roots. v enjoyable. then came home and prepared for SCHOOOLLL... sigh.

today was the return to the red brick building that we call l'ecole. 5 weeks more!!! oh my lord. how STRANGE!!!!!!! like, 5 weeks more FOREVER. waaaahh! anyway it was basically a good day. i wore my davidson tshirt. :D lalalala. pretty day outside. easter is soon!

au revoir

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