Wednesday, March 29, 2006

so there's a reason why they call us IB biology... because we're super special. hahaha. just take a look.!!

5:27 pm
so kenyon waitlisted me... hmmm. i don't think i will ever understand the rhyme or reason (if there is any) to the college admissions process. but thankfully i do not care about said result because i was not going to go there anyway. i am glad, however, that i found a place that i wanted to go more and GOT IN!!! and was not crushed by this result. it was always too far away. but my first "favorite"... anyway, interesting how life works. so i can officially say that i got no rejection letters! hehehe.

swim banquet tonight! *woot* i cannot wait. yummy food, good friends, nostalgia... and spring break is so soon!!! eeeee!! i am hacking my lungs up, by the way. ick. but at least that's all there is to my sickness. actually now my nose is sniffing.. perfect. chatting with allie and alana... just finished talking avec robby. lalalala.

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