Thursday, March 16, 2006

9:56 pm

woot studying for math... joy!!! hehe. well tomorrow is vendridi! yayee. today was pretty good.
-breakfast club!
-got panels done in history
-math review game- 5 bonus points
-lunch-- march madness stuff- ap lit had it too so i got to see them and they have it again tomorrow, yay!
-bio-photosynthesis. wooohooo
-spotlight-very busy with layout and all, but i mainly did english hw
-came home- ate ice cream and walked the doggies
-went to florie
-came home and hung out and did english
-ate chicken pie avec ma famille
-talked to roberto on the phone which was really amusing and fun fun fun! :) and hier i went to his house and we got to hang out. ()
oh and i got into furman! 7 down, 4 to go!!! aaaacccck!!!!!

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