Sunday, March 12, 2006

9:56 pm

well this weekend was all right. hrmmm... went to the soccer game on friday. man, it was 0-0 till overtime and then we lost. man it was depressing. but it was a great game and so enjoyable. i love our "legendary" crowd of fans. too memorable and fun. then went to robby's house and watched "downfall." really interesting/depressing flick. roberto, i aime you muchos.

yesterday (sat) i slept in and then went to lunch at crescent moon with daddy. it was yummy and fun. then i watched some oscars etc. then i... i think i basically hung around all day. man i am getting really bad about my meditation. AHHHH it's my lenten thing!!! and i think it is helpful. watched funny ladies of british comedy and talked to robby on the phone.

today = SPRINGY!!!! i wore a skirt to church, how nice. :) had breakfast with the molls which was really fun. went to SS and church. then went to nana's and ate w/ robby, dad, PP, NN, and sara. went to blimpi and then napped at home. did a little work and made bday cards for hamp and allison. went to choir and youth-- myers-briggs test, woot! je suis ISFJ. now i am finishing up work and want to go to bed.

je veux spring break! hehe.
april is in my mistress' face
and july in her eyes hath place
within her hmm hmm lies september
but in her heart a cold december
--garrison keillor

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