Monday, March 13, 2006

8:19 pm
it is a pre-e-e-cious thing when the heart is fi-i-i-i-xed and trusteth in god....

good monday evening, today was good. ms. D brought us food in 1st period and we are discussing the sound and the fury which i really like!! (kind of surprising) i understood the math work. at lunch MEGAN GOT INTO UCLA!!!! AND SO DID KATE!!! i am so happy for both of them. i am so glad for megs!!! yayee!! it was a giddy time. :-D the bio test was HARD. i need to study more tonight. in spotlight i got all my stuff done and helped edit/read S&F. came home and mom was home from her trip! ate and walked the dogs and read more faulkner. i just did my history stuff for my country presentation, mom and i need to go buy stuff for fruit salad for custodians luncheon. i hope this week goes fast. hehe. i need to find out about davidson since everyone else is finding out about schools recently! *sigh* happy birthday hamp and almost allie!

a-a-a men, amen.

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