Tuesday, February 14, 2006

9:58 pm

well, this crazy day has come to an end. valentine's day! *woot* we slept late and so had to super rush to get to school with the carnations for kappa. then i had to help organize and deliver, but i had really great helpers. yay helpers! even maia the honorary kappa member. :) then i went to some of math. i got like 7 grams! martha, marty, katie ob, and robby. yay! such wonderful people, all of them. then i went to lunch and finished bio. there was a fight, ick. why do people always like it when that happens? in biology we learned about the digestive system. fairly easy. in spotlight i edited articles, visited ms. W with palmer, etc. then i saw melissa a little and then robby and i went to my house. we hung out awhile and then went to dinner at mama fu's after little sezjuian (or however you spell it, i dunno) was closed. then we went to brusters and then he dropped me off and went to band practice. i have been doing homework. wheee!! so 3 more days til break. THANK GOD. and 3 days til i have had this thing for 4 (count em... 1,2,3,4) YEARS! jeez. so yeah au revoir pour maintenant. more about the play later.

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