Wednesday, February 22, 2006

6:36 pm
Ahh! I love Davidson!!! It's so great. makes me really, really happy. now i just have to get in! hehehe. i was a little surprised at guilford though. i thought it would be better than it was. oh well. we have the week off, i am so happy. it is raining like mad. really foggy on the way home. i am still hacking and clearing my throat. talking to the vinnie gals. lalalala. SASHA COHEN IS WINNING THE SKATING!!! well i mean after the short program. i would love her to win the whole thing. and the little americans too. i am hungry. very hungry. i should phone the robbmeister. for the rest of the week i want to watch old movies and sleep and write. well, i have to write a paper. oh well. so cross your fingers for *davidson* everyone!


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