Friday, February 24, 2006

3:55 pm

bahhhhhh stupid sinus headache!! and silly claire, procrastinating on her history paper! *growl* on the other hand, i am talking to leigh for the first time in a suppppppper long time. and i have written a better draft of my letter to davidson. and applied for a $5,000 scholarship. my head really hurts. stuffyness. mason is sick. so is tansy! ahhh. sickness is taking over. last night we watched skating. i guess i would have liked irina slutskaya to win, but she just couldn't do it. it wasnt a very exciting competition. there was an article in the paper saying how this olympics has like no heroes. which i agree with. no excitement. oh well. anyway, i need to WORK. but i should also go outside. it's so pretty outside. ahhhhhhhhhh.

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