Monday, January 09, 2006

9:48 pm
this weekend was really fun. i enjoyed myself a lot. the swim meet was good and lots of people came to see me "fly" hehe. then robby, mason, and i went to cici's for dinner. then we came back and robby and i watched "love actually" again. it was nice and relaxing. on saturday it was a major puttering lay around day except for shopping at macy's for *woot* luggage. hah. and mollie's birthday present. then at night mom and i watched "shakespeare in love," such a wonderful movie, and i talked to robby. on sunday we went to church and i gave mollie her 18th birthday present. after church went to picadilly w/ the grandparents and the cousins. then came home and took a nice long nap. went to see "footloose" at LK's church starring LK and george. lots of people came, including DKR! and melissa, her bf, maia, maggie, jj, and of course the youth group. today was pretty good. i heart english and ms. D. yaaay. got a 29/30 on my oral commentary from october!!! and we got report cards and i made all As. :) math was ok, i still have to do homework, groan. at lunch some of us sat outside in the wonderful springy air. in bio we had a sub so we just did work. and in spotlight i went to the library and sat w/ robby and did some work on my articles. it was nice to sit with him and just be there with him, yay. :) then i went home and got ready for swimming. got to LHS and the pool was overchlorinated so practice was cancelled. came home and took a bath and read my english book, called kappa people, ate dinner, and went to the OT. came home, worked on uga application, talked a little to robby and allison. now more stuff to be done. *siigh*. god help me to appreciate the wonderful things about every day.

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