Monday, January 02, 2006

9:46 pm


Happy 2nd day of the new year! today was good. i went to florrie's this morning and didn't feel any affects from the music. then robby came to pick me up and he got to meet florrie which was fun. then the two of us went to northlake and i put in a picture order at wolf (not catastrophic and dramatic like the last time, hehe) and then we ate lunch at crescent moon! it was totally yummy. we sat at the counter and i had a hamburger with swiss cheese and a salad with blue cheese. he had a cuban s/wich with macaroni and cheese. then we split a mint chocolate chip sundae!! mmmmm. it was so fun. then he came to my house for awhile and we took a nap and relaxed and took a walk in the moist, warm springy air. i love him so much. it was such a fun afternoon!!! he's such a good friend to me. yayeeeee robby. eee. :-D

this evening it stormed a lot and most of the state was under a tornado watch/warning. then it got better and dad and i picked up my pictures. yay! they are all from the break. only $23. hehe. then we ate fried chicken from publix and watched seinfeld. then i have been working on my IB biology write up which IS confusing!!! craaap. hehe. oh well. and talking a bit to the vinson gals. tomorrow is the first read thru of the little prince! oh and did i ever tell that i got the fox in the play??!! i am so happy, it's the part i wanted!!! yeeee! :)

so i have one day of break left. man, it's flown. bleeccch. but it'll be ok. i think i always feel a little down at the beginning of the year, which is kind of silly, but true. tomorrow i'll go to church w/ mom and visit anne in the office!! and proofread the directory. then i'll come home i guess and work on my extended essay, etc. whoo hoo. not. THEN i will later go to the read through. then school...

the last semester EVER! of high school, that is. i don't wanna go back but i do because it leads to fun stuff for seniors... but STILL. work! grrrowl. oh wellza. *siiigh* just keep chanting to yourself, claire, it'll be fun! fun fun fun fun fun! ha.

well, the break sure has been fun and restful. i love my family and friends and boy and life!


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