Wednesday, January 11, 2006

9:15 pm
i've been trucking along, maybe not so well, lately. i just feel tired and frustrated that everything is the same day after day, as far as school goes. i don't know if i would mind as much if it were christmas break day after day. well, maybe i would after awhile. anyway, i've just been kind of down and that's not normal for me so it is strange and unfun. but only 2 days left in the week and today was better... i just finished my history paper. earlier we were watching a really funny mystery in french called "8 women." mom and mason are finishing it while i write my paper, but i will watch more soon. this afternoon was young democrats. *woot* pretty fun, i wish i could go to the convention next weekend but i'm pretty sure there'll be play practice. robby brought me home and i walked the dogs with mom and took a nice walk in the springy weather. and i finished my final college application, so it's official: i'm done!! except for scholarship things, i guess. i really should look at fastweb. oops i forgot to remind dad about fafsa. he's still out of town but will be back friday. yay! this is a 3 day weekend coming up, thank god. it's so sad that after only a week and a half of school i want another long break. but we get a february one which is nice. so, down to fold clothes and watch more mystere. (). if you're going to san francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair... for some reason that is stuck in my head. oh and when robby, dennis and i were in the car on the way home they played all of "american pie" and i sang every single word correctly. :P hehe.

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