Tuesday, January 17, 2006

8:10 pm
well, i haven't written in awhile. this weekend was really good. on friday we had a swim meet and i dropped time on my IM and fly and we won the meet! also, daddy came home early and surprised me at the meet and megan and allie came. then mom, dad, mason and i went out to melton's for dinner. on saturday mom and i went out to breakfast and then i got my haircut. it is cute, a bit shorter with more layers. i like it. came home and then went to the new aquarium!! it was super crowded but very neat. we saw whale sharks, rays, beluga whales, otters, sea lions, etc. etc. came home and robby came over. we went to eat dinner at terra cotta, yummmy. then we watched seinfeld episodes and had a nice evening. yayee! on sunday i went to sunday school and church. then went to lunch at the club w/ the family and robby. came home and lazed the afternoon away with naps etc. megan came over on sun. night to work on kappa stuff and we looked at pictures too. yesterday we had the day off!!! i went to florie's kind of early and came back to work on my extended essay. i have 3,000 + words! not that it's good... but still! then robby and i went to brusters and he helped me work on my little prince lines. :-D we came back and hung out and ate dinner. he left and i watched the golden globes. whee! today we had to go back to school :/ the history essay was ok, i wrote a lot. in math it doesn't seem like we DO much... but whatever. i wish she knew us better like our other teachers do. lunch was fine and allie came again since she did not have school again!! (she came on friday too) in bio we did some notes, etc. in spotlight i edited people's articles. it POURED rain all day... yeesh! so i had to walk to the bus in the rain. went to swimming... only 3 more practices and 3 more meets including county!! ahhh yessss. and no practice tomorrow! came home and did not have to go to play practice, yay! i mean i miss it, i miss seeing everyone, but i hope that it'll still be the good bonding experience with a smaller amount of rehearsal time. anyway it helps me because i really am glad not to have to go so many places all the time! ate dinner... cuban sandwich from oak grove market. called les cochairs de kappa. did some maths. la la la. tra la la la...ly go down to the valley!

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