Wednesday, January 18, 2006

7:54 pm

"please answer me a question: why the heck were people screaming "rufiOOOOO!"?? it is from "hook"! but why?? whatever. " --may 11, 2004

well of COURSE, claire of the past, i can answer that question!!! it's so OBVIOUS!!! when they scream RU-FI-OOOOOOOO! they are cheering for adam, because he looks so like rufio!!! *duh*

sorry, i was just rereading entries and thought that was funny.

today was MERCREDI! English class!!! Yummy lunch!!! Biology laughter!! Easy Spotlight!!! Home!!!!

tomorrow is JEUDI!!! breakfast club!!!! maybe some robby time during spotlight!!! swim meet!!!

then it's VENDRIDI!!!!! English!!! swimming!!! weekend!!!! ahhh!!!

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Anonymous said...

It took me sooo long to realize the whole rufio thing.