Sunday, January 01, 2006

6:54 pm

Happy 2006! "0h-six!" hehehe. can't believe it's already here. insanity. i just hope i can transition well into this last (LAST!) semester of school.

Yesterday was our family reunion luncheon which was yummy. Then I came home and later went out to My Thai with Melissa, Richard, Daniella, and Robby. It was nice! Then Robby and I went to his house and watched Collective Soul perform at the Peach Drop.

Today I went to church and then to Nana's because Gabe made black eyed peas and collard greens and ham. (I think I just saw lightning but I can't tell... it was thundering earlier. grrrowl.) Then we went to Joe Webb's for more food and such. Nice! Now I've been relaxing.

So that's all... and it IS thundering, so I guess I should get off. And make some New Year's resolutions! Crap. Anyway, bye.


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