Thursday, January 12, 2006

6:20 pm
HI! today was a good day!!!! and still is, in fact!
-went to breakfast club and ate yummy pancakes!
-went to NHS and laughed about how much i dislike it with megan and talked to paul
-participated well in history discussion and flowers gave me a thumbs up and one of his manic grins
-got my interview from LK and talked to michelle about kappa
-helped megan write her stunt nite script for emcee audition-- she had to introduce an old skit and she chose class of 03's "theseus statement." it was so fun reminiscing about that! and then she decided to call diane in CA and tell her. of course di had been sleeping (it was 8:45 there) but we just woke her up. hehe.
-had a work day in biology-- i got to go outside and interview stephanie and henry at B lunch and of course in the process got to spend a few minutes with robby, melissa, paul, the whole AP crowd!
-also did most of my english journal assignment
-had a hilarious time doing magic book in spotlight-- melissa was there and helped us out, really having a good time i think. it was enjoyable and ms. welsh had candy!
-came home and went to the mailbox- what should be there but a thick envelope? I GOT INTO OXFORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :):) yaaaaaaaayyyyy!!! the main place in state that i would really want to go to!!!!!! *woot*
-went to swimming-- actually, drove to swimming-- the bus apparently didn't show up at school to pick anyone up so there were like 10 of us there the whole practice plus ms. welsh. we worked hard but it was really nice and casual having a small number of people. i really feel good about my fly. i definitely have more arm strength now.
-came home and took a waaaaaaarm shower and now am all nice and warm and dressed and dry.
-i do not have much homework: finish my last journal prompt, "study" for math test tomorrow, work on my bio IA, and my articles for spotlight. i should probably also look at my extended essay, world lit paper 1, and history IA.

i am so glad to be feeling good!!!!

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