Monday, January 30, 2006

10:21 pm
yawn, i'm tired. but i am making progress on a final draft of my extended essay *crossed fingers!*. phew! i know i have not truly written in a long time so if i can remember here is a summary of last week:

-tuesday: i met addy at caribou and we rehearsed her lines and had some catching up time there and at dave's for dinner. very enjoyable, i love my squishy! then play practice

-wednesday: my last swim practice EVER!!!!!! the sun played so gorgeously into the water because of the reflection. i went under and said thank you to lakeside's pool for 4 years of wetness and pride-- SO something i would do. :P went to florie and then to fiddler on the roof at paideia-- it was AMAZING!!!! i was so glad to go. mason went too and we saw emmy, shruti, katie buechner, hannah ellwood, olivia carmen's friend, etc. etc. SUCH a great show. makes me long for a musical for youth... *growl*

-thursday: play practice and martha's birthday!! victor had a surprise cake so we surprised her at the end, yayee!

-friday: nice billy brown at amy's house; i wanted to stay the night but i couldn't because i had...

-saturday: COUNTY SWIM MEET!!! *woot* ha. it was ok, i was there from 8 am-12 pm and then 3 pm-5 pm. i got DQed in the IM but i did not mind at all, and i got 9th in the championships for fly (out of ten, hehe). i was so glad to be done! but i did feel a little tug when i realized that i was stepping on the block for maybe the last time ever!!! ahhhhh. then i went home, showered, and robby came over. we went to the party at daniella's. lots of people were there. we played fooseball and charades and listened to a 90s mix courtesy of the unpresent palmer and johnny cash too. and ate pizza and candy bars. very enjoyable. then R and i relaxed some at home.

-sunday: very nice day, i drove to church and went to sunday school. went to starbucks for breakfast. went to church. lots of good people were there. mollie's grandma mcfee died on sat. the funeral is tomorrow (visitation was tonight). *sigh* hung out with robby a little after church, then went home and napped and relaxed. went back for play practice and then went to choir and youth. it was a very interesting/valuable discussion about being true to yourself led by liz and hamp. maia came! and jeff and bethany were there because jeff has officially moved here! SUPER YAY!!! then we did frogkisses (compliments on a sheet of paper for everyone) and standing ovations-- SO COOL! two at a time, people stood on chairs and said their names and we all stood and applauded them! it was great.

-today: got back my extended essay draft from ms. d... was v. sleepy all day. (staying up tonight probably is not helpful, but i have to do it sometime) i was in charge of doing article list in spotlight today which was fun. came home-- no swimming! took a nap, did some work, went to mcfee visitation and then to florie's. we tried to knit-- it did not work v. well, hehe. came back and have been working on my paper. I WANT TO GET IT DONE SOOOO BADLY!!!!! but i'm on my way...

OH and on Saturday I got into Sewanee!!! 5 down, 6 to go! hehehe. :)

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