Monday, December 05, 2005

NOTE: i wrote this on 12-5 and the stupid blogger would not let me post. so here. also, i am going on my bio field trip tomorrow morning and will not be back til friday night. i hope everyone survives without me. i came home and talked to robby today. it was nice. now i am going to go EAT TACOS (!!) and pack. good luck @ the swim meet, carmena :D

9:39 pm

well we didn't have internet for 2 days because our dsl was down for some reason, so, tah dah! je suis retournee. this weekend was fun. on friday, we had a swim meet at chamblee. i got 3rd in my fly! and jinger came to watch me swim!! that made me really happy, she surprised me by coming. wheeee. yay for swimming rushes. and i had fun w/ carmen and kara. *woot* then robby came over late and we watched tv and relaxed. oh and i got chik-fil-a for dinner.

on saturday i slept in and did some work around the house and hung out. then i went to the missions lock-in at the o'briens' cozy house. i was in a group with allie, matt, anna, and amy! yay. we had a 16 year old male to shop for. we got all the stuff that he wanted on his list. oh, and i saw ms. bailey, elizabeth, and elijah at walmart. and we called sheridan after seeing "her" frozen yogurt stand, hehe. then we went back to the o'briens', showed our purchases, ate krispy kremes and m&ms, watched SNL and "march of the penguins". yay! i went to bed around 2 am.

on sunday morning we all woke up and some of us listened to "rent" :) and we went to church. robby drove allie and me. we went to sunday school and then addy and i went to starbucks for drinks. then we went to church. it was a nice service, and i enjoyed sitting with addy and the rob-man. i kinda told wesley off a little for not being there for youth sunday, not very harshly but i think i got my point across. it was raining and there were tons of lady bugs on the church pillars. strange. then i went to lunch w/ ma famille at the club. yummm! then went to martha's house to work on TOK project w/ her, josh, and JJ. after that, JJ took me home and mom was home from her trip! yay! it was good to see her. she took us to choir in the pouring rain. we practiced xmas musique, wheee. then robby came over and we got melton's for dinner. and watched "big." i had not seen it in a long time. it was a very nice evening.

today i woke up not really wanting to go to l'ecole, of course. i don't especially want to go on the biology field trip and i was reallly nervous about my TOK project. it rained really hard. went to bio and did more of our gel electrophoresis follow up lab... then went to KR's room and she made hot chocolate bc i was having a bad day. :/ that made me feel better. and i got an 87% on my prescribed title essay. then i went to A lunch... and then in history we watched 2 videos, one on evita and one on the middle east. then i went to TOK... and we presented our project!! AHHH! it went okay i think. i dunno exactly how we were graded but it is OVER and that is what matters!!! WHEEEEEE! i am so relieved. then i went home and relaxed. yayee. we ate dinner and dad came home early and mom and i went to target for xmas shopping and stuff. then i came home and made salad for the NHS custodians' lunch and muffins for the kappa breakfast tomorrow. wahhh! so much to do. and carmen says that the computer is not letting her see my blog so i am nervous, hehe. ciao.

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