Thursday, December 01, 2005

9:35 pm
claire is done with her english essay!! yay! i dunno how good it is, but YAY! i just got some water. the swim meet has been switched to 7:30 tomorrow, wahhhh. oh well. and i am swimming IM and fly!! double wahhh. but it'll be okay. and it's DECEMBER!!!! that means it can actually be time for christmas stuff!!! we had breakfast club today which was nice. i liked it a lot. a big old short stack and sugary tea. and warrrm booth and nice sunrise. then i had to leave early and go to NHS. boo. :( i don't believe that the rest of the seniors get 5 (5!) hours for helping with the induction and i had to miss the stupid thing bc of a swim meet. THAT MAKES ME SO MAD! bc without those hours i probably will not have enough by the end of the semester. grrrrrrrrOWL! we had a bio field trip to fernbank today, it was fun. for the first bit of class we did nothing and just talked to ms. U and each other. (i just realized, i don't think i have called her "ubriaco" in ages) then we went on the bus where omar and anu and samantha were all doing freestyle rapping in the back which was... interesting. and v. amusing. we did a gel electrophoresis lab (!) at fernbank which was cool, and palmer kept singing RENT songs. hahaha. i need to take him the CD(s) tomorrow. we got to eat our lunch on the floor of the museum with those big dinosaurs gazing down on us! we got back to school right when 3rd period was over so i went straight to TOK and we had a free day basically. JJ, martha, and i worked on our presentation in the library. we got a lot done on the script. i think it'll be good. then i came home and i swear there were teeeeny tiny snow flakes out there! mason and i came home and walked doggies and stuff. i made brownies. did some essay work. dad came home with melton's! ate and watched "that 70s show" and worked more. now am talking to robby, addy, and allie. *woot* so if i can just get through tomorrow which = kappa meeting, schoooool, and HARD SWIM MEET... there is the weekend! which = folk advent service (probably), missions lock in (yay!), church stuff, TOK stuff, choir, etc. so yeah. there's the update. VIVA LA VIE BOHEME (haha. my life is sooo far from bohemian.)

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Adrienne said...

You got to do a gel electrophorsis lab!!! NOT FAIR! I WANT TO DO THAT SOOOOOO BADLY. I'M TELLING MY TEACHER!