Tuesday, December 06, 2005

8:45 pm
yeah you're beautiful my love,
when i close my eyes,
yeah you're beautiful my love,
under heavens' skies,
yeah you're beautiful,
you're beautiful here with me.

and thanks for it all.

she is a girl who's got god, family, friends, and the only one she wants to see her through.
she's pretty lucky. :-D


Anonymous said...

claaaiiiire! hope you are having fun on the biology field trip. we missed you at the swim meet!! ashley isn';t swimming anymore and i had to swim the 100 free individual race. it was SOOO SCARY! oh lord. you're lucky i survived...really, you are.

Anonymous said...

and pretty hot too.
ps you didn't have to write that poem about me!
love, J-tothe-F