Tuesday, December 27, 2005

7:05 pm

yay, more christmas eve pictures!!
hi, yesterday was fun. went to see "good night and good luck" with mom, dad, mason, NN, PP, and robby. it was good. gave robby his mug that i made him for xmas! went to his house and watched some seinfeld episodes. then i went with him and his parents to his aunt and uncle's for their family christmas dinner. it was good to meet everyone and i really enjoyed myself. then he came to my house and we watched "oceans 12." yay! it was all nice and fun.

today i slept til 10:30 and then we went to borders to use our gift cards. i got an ireland calendar for 2006 and another philippa gregory book about queen elizabeth I. then we went to mick's for lunch!! mmmm... i still have pecan roasted chicken left over!! then we came home and i read my book for a couple of hours. then i have been cleaning my room and organizing college papers and listening to unbounded sky. *woot* c'est tout. i love the cozyness of break!!! :)

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