Sunday, December 25, 2005

6:30 PM
Voila, here are Christmas Eve pictures!!! It was a great service at the 5 o clock... funny mistakes and good singing and a big crowd as usual. I still cannot believe it has come and gone for the year. Every year I look out at that crowd and think it could not have possibly been 365 days since the last one and I feel like it will last forever. We had dinner with les grandparents, Simon, Logan, and Robby at our house. Then we went to the alumni get together and 11 o clock service. It was really good to see everyone!! The service was good too. Robby made me a "Best of Unbounded Sky" CD which I am listening to right now! Yayee! It is so cool and fun to have, finally being able to listen to his musique.
Today we woke up and opened our presents-- I got crest white strips from mom (hehe), Friends season 2 dvds, Harry Potter 3 movie, The Source by James Michener, candy, clothes, etc. Then we went to church-- it was a fairly small crowd but it was nice. Wesley had a good sermon on different perspectives-- and the whole thing only lasted til 11:50! Then we went to NN and PP's house and the whole family gathered. I got gift cards and a bracelet from Gabe's store. Sat around and talked etc. Now we are home and it is pretty mellow. I have had a runny nose all day. WahooOoo. Anyway, Joyeux Noel! :-D

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heey. that girl. jack's sister..she was my counsler at circus camp when i was little. i definitely know her it florence or something? that's prolly not spelled right. it's prolly not the right name either but it doesn't matter just doesn't. anyways. yes. she was my counsler.