Saturday, December 10, 2005

5:08 pm
i am ba-ack!! the trip was really fun, i am glad i went. i will post more later but we are about to go get our christmas tree and i thought that i would copy everyone (katie and carmen, so far) else and post the first sentence from every month of my blog cette annee, with my comments to the side. so get ready!

FIRST POST OF 2005!!!!! {wow, that was original} ok, i am finally getting around to starting to write about Close Up {uhhh... that never really happened}. 6 "grrr" things about today {well i guess you'll have to go reread them bc they're not a part of the actual sentence, hehe} SPRING BREAK 05 HAS COMMENCED!!! {i think i was happy} i am tired, we just got home from st. andrews... today has been really nice. hey dudes, wazup? {that's not as good as the second post's sentence from july 1st, "and may i just say that i love ed roland's voice. thank you."} AHHHHHHHHHHHH i'm HOOOOOOOME! {i went on a lot of trips at the end/beginning of months} it's been a good few days. carmen et al, the photo thing on blogger is screwing up. YO!!! well this week has been crazy so far and it is not in the mood for stopping. {i don't think YO!!! was big enough to be one sentence} claire is done with her english essay!!

none of this really explains the year that well... but anyway. more detailed post to come. christmas has snuck up on everyone!!!

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