Thursday, December 22, 2005

11:20 pm
SURVEY FOR THE YEAR!!! yeah, this year it seems to be a little more packed with memories... it's good that i had so many great times!
Best _____ of the year:
1. Party: The party that Megan had in June when all of my school friends and church friends came together and Claire W. was there so she got to meet everyone and it was relaxed and fun and summery.
2. Show: That 70’s Show, Friends, and Seinfeld
3. CD: Collective Soul “Collective Soul” and “Youth”
4. Movie: Saved!, Rent, Harry Potter #4, Legend of Zorro, Star Wars Episode III, Star Wars Episodes IV-VI, Vicar of Dibley DVD, Annie Hall, Gladiator, Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights
5. Song: “Better Now” CS
6. Experience: Close Up, Godspell, CS concert, DHHS soccer games, graduation 2005, Robby’s and my 1st anniversary, Prairie Home Companion, summertime, floatbuilding/Homecoming parade, Fall Retreat, Youth Sunday, Skidaway, 2nd period with KR
7. Concert: Collective Soul “Home” and Prairie Home Companion
8. Book: Quentins and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince!
9. Month: February (Godspell), April (prom, CS concert, Kappa president, St. Andrews), May (end of school, anniversary, etc.), June (Panama City and Epworth, Roguefest, the Wilberts visited, Mom’s birthday, "Grease" in Piedmont Park with the girls), July (Harry Potter, Robby’s birthday), September (days off, Braves game, Peter-Melissa-Daniella party, Homecoming), October (camping, my birthday and party, Fall Retreat), November (Varsity lunch, Youth Sunday, spending the night with Megan and Allie the night before, Thanksgiving break), and December (Skidaway, Christmas break!). Wow. I guess it is a good thing that I had to name so many months… but in a way I guess it kind of defeats the purpose.
10. Day: So many days! Ah! I guess see all of my “happiest moments and best months”

Hopes for 2006:
1. Predict something that you think will happen in 2006: I will go to college. Ack. 2. What do you hope changes about your country? Less soldiers in Iraq and less Bush isolation
3. What do you hope for yourself? That I am healthy and happy in college and keep in touch with all of my friends and stick to my ideals and not be afraid
4. What do you hope for your family? That they are happy and adjust to me being gone and are healthy
5. What do you hope for your best friend? For all of them, that we adjust to all the changes and stay in touch and appreciate each other.

During 2005:
1. Where were you when it began? A park on Princeton Way being cold.
2. Did you stay up? Yes
3. What was your New Year wish? To have a great one
4. How many boy/girlfriends? 1
5. Broke up? No
6. Have any crushes? Yes, on the boyfriend
7. Care to mention names? Robby
8. New friends? Katy, Dan Hat Guy, Dan Pawlowitz, St. Louis, MO and all the other Close Up people; Hannah, Esther, Carmen, Jinger, Florie, Emily Taylor, and all of the IB classmates and teachers that I got to know better (Palmer, Callaway, etc. etc.)
9. Had to say goodbye? To 2 uncles, Bill McFee, all of the Class of ’05, and Sheridan
10. Missed anyone? Yes
11. Win anything? Sewanee Book Award for Excellence in Writing
12. Best place you went to? Washington, D.C. for Close Up
13. Worst place you went to? Physics class. That’s the best I can do.
14. Happiest moment? Godspell opening night, when I won the Sewanee Book Award, graduation this year with Robby and Mom, anniversary, Megan’s party, "Grease" at Piedmont Park, Robby’s surprise party, floatbuilding, Fall Retreat—they are all happy in different ways. I was proud, ecstatic, contented, and/or joyful.
15. How was your birthday? Really good.
16. Best present? Having all my friends around me and having my boy and my family with me. All the material presents were good too!

see, all of these can be such good starts for writing!!!! so many memories!!! freddie singing to boy bands in dulles airport, dancing like crazy in godspell, mollie, hanging with matt and ms. ward in the movie theater with robby, the dhhs soccer game vs. richmond, girls' night at my house, visiting colleges, being kappa president, homecoming, my birthday, youth sunday euphoria, christmastide. and so much morrrreeee!!!

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