Wednesday, November 16, 2005

look how short/tall i am!!! hehehe.
5:45 pm

i got into st. andrews!!! yay! it's not my top school but it's really nice to know that i did get in. so cool. i feel kind of bad for skipping swimming today. it was helpful to my mom though... but i will definitely be going tomorrow. i hope the coaches are not mad at me. :/ *sigh*
it's finally COLD outside!! yesssss!
today is megan's birthday, happy birthday megs! and we're going to her house for a tennis team (mason, not me) potluck soon. goodstuff. she gave me back my pictures we took! i like them a lot! and this afternoon we took senior superlative pictures. that was neat. so yeah. and we came up with a really good topic in TOK. the freudian self and religion.. ooooo. tomorrow = PANCAKES!!!!


Anonymous said...

CLAIRE YOU SHOULD FEEL BAD. SKIPPING SWIMMING. geez. it was ok today too, it was hard at the beginning but then easy at the end.

Anonymous said...

did you ever notice how even when i capitilize letters in my name, they don't show up?