Sunday, November 06, 2005

9:56 pm

this weekend was fun. on friday night robby picked me up from swimming and we went to his house and ate buffalo burgers and watched seinfeld and "about a boy." it was very "relaxful" (a word martha made up tonight, hehe). then on saturday i slept late (ahh!) and hung around... felt crampy so i had to lie down and watch a movie and waste my morning. grrrowl. but then i felt better and went to nana's to start working on our geneaology project. it was nice. then i went home for a bit and then went to see "legend of zorro" with maggie, megan, and allison. it was good company and a really fun movie too. we saw palmer at the concession area. then i went home and wrote my bio report. yay! today dad left for TX on business and he gets back wednesday. i went to starbucks, and to sunday school, then church... it was all saints and there was a great gospel choir. next week is the varsity lunch! yumm. then mason and i bought blimpi s/wiches and i ate and looked at the fall retreat pics george gave me. then i took a nap. then i did some dishes and we stopped by publix to pick up some boxes for the canned food drive for NHS. then we went to choir and practiced the youth sunday drumming piece and "this little babe" and "make a joyful noise," which i LOOOVE because it reminds me of the end of 10th grade, which was an amazing time. :D then some of us walked down to dave's subs across from panera and got foodstuffs... walked back to the yaab and played "wink..." and talked about apathy. came home, folded clothes and watched some of "saved!" and talked to daddy. phew! now i want to rewrite this assignment that i didn't do well on in english. i hope i get it done but i really wanna go to sleep.. hmmm. i don't think this week is as long as last week.
-OT appt.
-teacher's breakfast

at least so far as i know, that's that... so yeah. good.

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