Tuesday, November 29, 2005

9:50 pm

hallo. today was pretty good. i had a beth appointment after school which was nice, i had not seen her in awhile. then i went home... and ate dinner etc. yummy pork tenderloin. then mom, dad, and i went to the senior IB reception at tucker. it was semi-corny and i wasn't in the best of moods to appreciate the sentiment but it was nice. the superintendent was there and ms. adamson and all 3 of my high school principals-- DB, ms. woodall, and mr. patrick. we all got introduced and got standing ovations. wheeee. and we took group pictures. then we ate yummy food and stood around and joked and talked. i really enjoy that group, it's fun knowing the A-Js. hehe. and i adore mr. P and ms. A. they are both like good friends, so humorous and cool-headed and casual. i love them both. now i am working on my sartre essay. wahooo! i'm writing as inez. tomorrow is wednesday. and i think i can go to advent wreath making!

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