Wednesday, November 30, 2005

9:11 pm
today was interesting. biology was fun as usual. we took a quiz on hardy-weinberg stuff. in independent study i worked some and KR helped me w/ my college papers. i really need to get them ready to send in by next week. in english we had good discussions about books and the papers we are going to have to write for IB. i always like talking to ms. donovan. lunch was nice--- i sat outside with paul and robby and jon and dennis and martha. paul and robby sat on either side of me and stole my chips and slammed into me at the same times. sillies. in fourth period most everyone went to the library except callaway and me and we wrote our script for our psych presentation and then talked for a long time. it was really enjoyable, i am glad to get to know her better. then i went home for like 30 minutes. and then i went to swim practice. it was not too bad, but i am swimming all the hard things on friday. *sigh*. apparently there is a pep rally on friday during 4th pd and they are going to introduce us???? oh no. just great. aack. then robby picked me up and we went to advent wreath making. amy, the vinnies, the "cool cats" as allie calls them, and rachael were all there. a very nice tradition, i was glad to make a wreath. then robby brought me home and i have been hanging around and not doing that much work. good job clairey. we have a bio field trip tomorrow in the morning, yay! and breakfast club. and NHS. grrr. but no swimming tomorrow! bye.

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Anonymous said...

"i should tell you i should tell you"--RENT!!!!

i loooove my jimmy, he's in the band and he plays the trumpet.. sexy!! glad to hear life's grand up in the ATL! stay warm!!