Thursday, November 03, 2005

8:56 pm
dear god, i am so ready for the weekend. this week has been absolutely insanely busy. and i am so tired and burned out in a way and i just need christmas break or SOMETHING. aaack. i just need to have a relaxing weekend/night/day, whatever. sometime where i just think about how wonderful everything is and how lucky i am and how coach flowers' history project really doesn't matter. hopefully i will get a chance to do that this weekend. *sigh*
i got my flu shot today. wheeee. and ms. U gave us a work day. i love her. she is so great. and Dr. KR is fun too, bien sur. and i like ms. disney a lot. and ms. donovan. we got to vent to her. i like how i have bonded with my IB group. aaaand... ms. A. and i LOOVE maris and paul!!!! that makes me soooooooOOOOOooo happy for them both. they are both so cool and i won't aww like rachael does but :).
after my flu shot i had to go straight to swimming. i was kind of in the dumps bc i get all worried that it'll be a hard practice and unfun and that the hour will seem like forever... but it wasn't too bad. we did different strokes and then some hundreds and relays. then mom picked me up and i went home and showered and sat in front of the heater and ate dinner/ watched tv. i did not go to the swim meeting. mom did though. and i have been working on my india-pakistan part of the project and talking to david, sheridan, mollie, and robby. robby and i are going to hang out tomorrow night (yaay!) and then on sat. hopefully megan and i will take pictures, i will help nana with family tree stuff, and maybe a girls' time in the evening. again, busy, but fun busy.
and now i am exhausted and not through with hw so goodbye you lovely people you.

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