Wednesday, November 02, 2005

8:52 pm
YO!!! well this week has been crazy so far and it is not in the mood for stopping. i've had 2 swim practices, both were difficult but i can feel that my lessons with jinger have at least gotten me into better shape. i think i can go longer and faster though i still get tired. today we did at least 29 (29!!!) 50s. ACCCCK. and ouch! but i felt nice and clean and accomplished after i showered. then we went to see the covenant choir's play at church, "so long, joe!" it was great and so fun. i miss WNS when i go. addy was there, and alex, and candler, and robby played drums, and katie and katie and melissa and anna and bethany and chris reeves and hooker and a great crowd, and nana and pop pop. yaaaay!!! after the play barbara said all of us who had ever been in a glenn musical to come sit onstage, which we did. got to see robby some, yayeee. it was a nice contented thing.
this afternoon we had a meeting at school between the IB seniors and the teachers. it was interesting and very beneficial i think except coach flowers looked pissed to be there. lord. but i was glad i could voice my opinions and ideas about the work schedule and dr. gramling said we were great kids and she would want us for her own and she was really impressed with us which made me happy. i also liked that we banded together as a group. a very good call by ms. adamson. and mr. P was there too, that's good. and DKR got a chance to vent, thankfully.
the rest of the week is kind of hectic... basically only one more day. tomorrow there is breakfast club, then NHS, then school... then flu shot, swimming, and swim meeting. ahhhhh!!!! and the damn history project. friday is better, just swimming. then time with robby! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! and then on sat. i will help nana and hopefully have a girls' night. phew!! time flies when you're freakin busy AND having fun.

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