Monday, November 07, 2005

8:28 pm
augh, monday. well it was a pretty good monday. ms. U wasn't there (?) so we just did one packet and were done. in 2nd period i got lots done in the library. in 3rd period we actually DID have B lunch, so i got to sit with robby, paul, melissa, raisa, etc. etc. plus all my IB people. and i had a half of a sub for lunch left over from last night. then at the end of fourth period they announced that swimming was cancelled for today!!! that made me happy, maybe too happy... i hate how i dread swimming so much when we are going to practice-- and then of course i feel good and accomplished after practice is over. i don't like that feeling. i wish i could be more excited and willing and non-griping at the beginning. *sigh* but today it was nice to have a day off. i went to my OT appointment (occupational therapist) at five and did some "bone conduction." to help stimulate my vestibular system that might help with my driving. interessant, huh? then we came home and ate stir fry and i've been working. i must shower. i have a slight headache and am reallly tired... goodnight.

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