Saturday, November 19, 2005

5:22 pm
yeah i have the yankadi drum song stuck in my head. WHEEEEE! well last night turned out to be good, went over to mollie and ellen's "new" house for ellen's birthday party. wes and cheryl, uncle jojo, steve and carolyn, etc. were all there and it was fun and funny... hilarity reigns with les adultes. yummy food and cake too. and emma and jenny came over for a bit. then i went home and finished my sermon. *woot*
this morning i woke up and showered and went to youth sunday rehearsal, WHEEEE! got starbucks for breakfast. the service is gonna BE AWESOME!!! maybe the best we've ever done. i am soo psyched. the music sounds good and the drumming is amazing. :) yayeeee! and martha and esther get to dance on funga! that is so cool. after we rehearsed, all of the senior girls went outside and read our sermons and practiced with amy and jordan. they are all great and i cannot wait to see everyone's responses! we decided to spend the night at megan's tonight, some of us. should be tres enjoyable. a girls' nite on the fly. then i've come home and cleaned my room some and walked the doggies. and sung the drumming song. AYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY
i hope it's fun tomorrow, i cannot wait!!! and then HARRY POTTER for youth! and then 2 DAYS OF SCHOOL!!! wheeeee!
PS-- this is my 1,100th blog!!!!!!!!!! WHEEEEEEEEEEE!

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