Sunday, November 13, 2005

10:56 pm
yayyyy!! i just submitted my oxford application!!! and i liked my essay a whole lot. WHEEEE! so yeah this weekend was good! on friday i did swimming and then hung out at home... mom, dad, and mase and i went to terra cotta for dinner. yummy. then we came home and relaxed and watched some television. then i talked to robby on the phone for awhile and then i wrote my oxford essay and sent it to KR for feedback. yesterday i slept in and hung out for a bit... then i met megan at school and we took my pretty pictures at school and church!!! she gets them back tomorrow, i can't WAIT to see them! we both had fun doing it. then i went to nana's and watched some TV and started typing family letters. i typed 11 pages in 2 1/2 hours and earned $25! YAAY! it was fun. then they dropped me back at home. i worked on my essays and then we went to fellini's with the friederichs. then robby came over and we all watched some tv and britcoms. yaaay. good times. today i drove to church... went to starbucks and sunday school and church. it was consecration sunday. wheee $$$$. and a VARSITY lunch! YUMMMMMERS. naked dog, rings, chicken, fried pie... mmmmm! super nice. then we did some drive-by rakings... only the aloisios and then to amy's "new" house! it is her birthday today and we raked her yard and had cupcakes. it was really fun. went back to church and had extended choir practice. we started on CHRISTMAS EVE MUSIQUE!!! AHHHHH! i cannot BELIEVE it is a week and a half til thanksgiving. jeeez. then i went to the village with robby and then we had youth sunday planning at youth. i need to write a good sermon.. and i need to find the time to write a good sermon in.
MONDAY: swimming, possible spaghetti dinner
TUESDAY: swim meet, possibly NHS induction
WEDNESDAY: kappa cochair meeting, senior superlative pictures, swimming, tennis potluck, megan's birthday
THURSDAY: swimming, XC banquet
FRIDAY: nothing. except maybe HARRY POTTER!!!!
SATURDAY: youth sun. practice. etc.
SUNDAY: Youth sunday and Harry potter!
so yeah good stuff going on. GOOOODNIGHT! oh and we got the GODSPELL dvds tonight, FINALEMENT!!!!

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