Monday, November 28, 2005

10:20 pm
maaan a tiring day. we went back to school *sigh* which wasn't awful. i have a lot to do though, which i hate. went to swimming which was the HARDEST PRACTICE EVER! 19 sets of 100s-- that is ALL we did! and then i came home and ate and went to occupational therapy-- she spun me around and i got kind of queasy and i had a bit of a headache from the bone conduction. :/ ick. i need to work on my english essay. i hate having things to do that aren't do right away so i put them away til later. NOT a good habit, claire! aggh! anyway... no practice tomorrow. phew. and a beth appt which is good. ttyl. oh and last night robby came over which was fun. yayee.

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Anonymous said...

we did 19 sets of 100?