Thursday, October 06, 2005

8:26 pm

yeah, so i decided a change was in order for the template thing. it's GREEEEN!!! so yeah... yesterday was good. i understood genetics in bio better. then in TOK we had a GREAT lesson. KR set up a fight with another teacher that looked real and she actually cried! and she told the class to write up what they saw so that she could take it down to the front office and get the other teacher in trouble. so after they were done doing that, she told them it was fake! then callaway took hers down to the office where i was waiting. i translated the document into french, then gave it to adrienne and martha who translated it back to english. they then gave it to matt who taught it to us as a teacher. and we read everyone's responses and it was awesome. it really made a great point about how history is so relative; i mean, the people sitting in the back of the room heard the argument differently than the people in the front! today she did it for the B block differently-- she "accused" matt and julian of cheating and they went off on her and jules cussed at her. i wasn't there but i heard it went really well. i think it was such a great idea.
today was pretty good... went to breakfast club... i had to leave early because of an NHS meeting. and it rained so much today, esp. early in the morning! in 2nd period i had to finish up my english homework (silly kafka) but i also enjoyed hanging with KR, chris benton, ben yin, etc. and i was there when KR told julian what he was going to do. english was pretty good. lunch was fine. psychology was easy bc we went to the computer lab for our internal assessment. then i came home and watched dr. phil and ate ice cream. it's incredible that so many women are verbally/mentally abused by their husbands. it's absolutely sickening. then i watched some seinfeld and talked to megan for awhile. we are having my familyish birthday dinner at mick's tomorrow night! me, my family, NN & PP, and megan. robby has to meet with his scoutmaster bc his eagle board of review is on sunday. wheee! Sat. is the SAT. haha. that's funny. maybe they call it SAT because it's given on a SAT. oh and tomorrow i work pumpkins. so yes, that's about all... oh and on mon. i visit agnes scott. wheee again! and now i am looking at rhodes college. jeez, too many! anyway, i am glad tomorrow is friday. hope yall like the new look.

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Anonymous said...

i had a teacher who did that in 7th grade. i got to fight with him and he was like, "carmen, either you can leave...or i will." and i was like "FINE WAMAN YOU LEAVE" and then people had to write down what happened and then a different teacher read them all and told us what happened. it was so neat.