Monday, October 03, 2005

6:53 pm
carmen et al, the photo thing on blogger is screwing up. grr. but anyway, a brief recap of the last week:

-saturday night: fun party at paul's for lizzie, daniella, and peter
-sunday: awesome church service-- emory-glenn day, president wagner spoke. there was an awesome gospel choir. the picnic was super yummy and then i went to floatbuilding for awhile! it was fun. then mom and i went swimming, then i went to choir, and then we had youth. it was get ready for pumpkins night. then i hung out with robby since we did not have school the next day!
-monday: hung around, didn't go anywhere... relaxed.
-tuesday: megan and i went to paideia to surprise emily because it was her birthday!! we bought her flowers, candy, and a balloon that said HAPPY FREAKIN BIRTHDAY! which is SO something that she would say. she cackled and was so surprised. we ate lunch w/ her. saw mollie, hannah, rachel, etc. yay! then i went to the movie day at church and saw "how to lose a guy in 10 days" which was actually really, really funny. kate hudson is so good. then went to see beth, then mom and i went to the grocery store, and then i went out to dinner at everybody's with robby and mike and alice. it was yummy. then we went back to his house for awhile and listened to the bravos CLINCH #14!!!!
-wednesday: typical school day... went to floatbuilding. it was fun. came home.
-thursday: went to the dentist- no cavitites! dr. K has parkinson's so he has given his practice to another guy, a nice doctor. but he is still there to say hi to everyone. so it was good to see him. went to floatbuilding, the last night! stayed til 9:30ish. it looked great.
-friday: crazy day! came in early to decorate Kappa posters; anna, emily, etc. came in and helped. took bio test. watched a video in english. ate lunch and took pics. went to the parking lot during fourth period and helped LK, maggie, megan, palmer, and maia decorate the kappa car. it looked good! i took lots of pictures. then i got to ride on the senior truck with megan, maia, raisa, julie, etc. it was fun!!! i had never done that before and i was really glad i got a chance to. when we were pulling back into the parking lot, i saw SHERIDAN!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!! she surprised us all and came to visit for fall break! after mom took us home, we packed up the car and left for camping. got there around 7 pm, still daylight!! *gasp* hung out w/ allie, robby, mason, etc. allie and i shared a tent.
-saturday: nice day. yummy breakfast, hung out by the fire, went walking with allie, katie o, and matt; sheridan, melissa, katie white, and anna arrived!!! funn. went hiking with robby and hung out with him. went walking with allie, sheridan, and katie w. took a short nap on mom and dad's air mattress. ate awesome yummy food. had a really nice campfire and then hung out with the youths.
-sunday: packed up and left. *sigh* i heart standing indian. got yummy subway sandwiches. came home and unpacked, took a short nap. went to choir and PUMPKIN UNLOADING! sheridan was there for both! it was fun. it only took like 2 1/2 hours! then some of us went to brusters- me, robby, megan, allie, hannah, paul, reid, cole, george, and maggie. yummy and fun. robby took me home.
-today: did my oral commentary for english!! AHHH! it went pretty well though and i am pleased and glad it's done. went swimming w/ mom- 48 laps!!! really fast! came home and have been working on college stuffs. wahOOoo.


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