Saturday, October 08, 2005

2:25 pm
so yeah, isn't our float AWESOME???? YAAAAAAAAAAY US!!!! school yesterday was good. yesterday i worked the pumpkin patch w/ coleman and carol which is always fun. never a dull moment with that kid. then i went to mick's for my early birthday dinner w/ megan, mason, mom, dad, NN, PP, and dan came too! it was fun and yummy. i had a chicken "burger" with blue cheese. and choc. cream pie. yummmee. then this morning i had to wake up ungodlyily early to take the ungodly SAT. but FOR THE LAST TIME!!!!! i think i did better. *hopehopehope* i saw robby, hannah e., meena, dj, etc. and walter was in my room. now i am home!!! and it is nice and sunny and fallish outside. ahhHhhh. still trying to figure out what to do for my birthday... hrm. so yeah. c'est tout!!!

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