Sunday, October 23, 2005

10:46 pm
here are just a few of the great pictures from my birthday party!!! YAAAAY!!!! it was super fun. today was good too, i spoke at church and got applause :) and we sang twice and i love that drumming piece. and then i went to willy's with mason, robby, and speno and then robby and i hung out at the pumpkin patch for awhile which was really nice and relaxing. i went home, ate cake, and went to swimming with jinger. then i went to choir and youth. now i've been at home super slacking off on my TOK paper... god how bad is that???? i have convinced myself that doing it tomorrow will be good since i will HAVE to do it and i work well under pressure. is this a good or a bad idea?... i guess i'll be able to tell you in 24 hours. so.. yeah. i just need to sleep, i'm tired. friday was good too by the way, we watched pleasantville in TOK and ms. t-sang was our sub. and then robby and i went to the one act and it was really, really funny/fun! then we got soaked running to his car in the rain and we drank tea and hung out at my house. yayeeeee. kappa went well too. so yes, good weekend. please god let my week be relaxing, as much as it can be, and let me be rested for fall retreat and then swimming!!!
thank you for my wonderful family, friends, and boy. they all rock my world and make it worth it.

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