Saturday, October 15, 2005

10:17 pm


i call this picture "cinderelly's night on the town." for some reason. i got dressed up and took pictures. hehehe how silly am i? anyway this week is over, and the weekend is good, and MON ANNIVERSAIRE EST LUNDI!!!! if you cannot understand that then you obviously will not be getting me a birthday present. hehe. man the stupid dsl is on the blink and now is completely gone. that's always good. not. and now it's back. hrm. thursday and friday were fine... friday (yesterday) i sold pumpkins with megan and kirsten which was nice. kirsten was back from CA for the weekend, yay pumpkin queen mum!! i love my ely women. yayee for megan. then i went home and robby was over. we ate dinner from melton's and watched "annie hall" which i thought he would like. he and woody allen are alike in some ways. we had a wonderful time and i love him so. i hope he had a good daytrip today. oh and mommy's sick :*( and i hopehopehope she gets better tres soon. oh and i got a phone of my own!!!! wheee! coolness. anyway i haven't done any homework today which is probably a bad thing... bc tomorrow i am superbusy, which i will tell about in a minute. but today i woke up, took a shower, and went to sunrise to work at their fall carnival thing for kappa. it was fun. then i came home and lazied about and took a nap. then mom and i watched some britcoms and then i just finished watching "ever after," to go with my cinderella mood i guess. tomorrow is church, lunch at the club (robby if you read this before church, you're invited), pumpkin unloading, swim lessons, choir, youth costume party! AHHHHHHHH TOO MUCH!!!!! i have no homework DUE on monday but i do have PROJECTS do to!! and those are the worst, the things i procrastinate on. *sigh* oh well.



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