Monday, September 19, 2005

6:20 pm

sometimes it seems that being a southern girl who was fairly moderate-conservative politically/religiously and liked sororities and preppy clothes would just be easier. it seems like there are a bunch more colleges out there catering to those, at least in my area.

but i don't want that AT ALL. so it's good that i'm not all those things. instead i am a silly child who puffs out her cheeks. ()

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Anonymous said...

UNC Asheville...
or UGA. The people here aren't all like that. The only thing you need if you come here is to respect salsa dancing and Relay for Life. And drunken football old people...they are just plain silly.
yeah sorry. Biased? maybe. I feel that. Or did back in the day. I bet you'll be happy wherever. Emory? at Oxford? A lot of the NC schools aren't like that. hmmmm good luck I know I wasn't helpful. I never made a decision. I just went wherever was cheapest. I don't know if that was a good idea...but it worked out for me.
SORRY! you don't need this. come visit. maybe it'll help you see what you might be looking at in a college. Or something.
love, me
haha plus then i can see you...