Monday, September 05, 2005

5:29 pm
it's been a good few days. the mountains were nice, i'm glad robby's family could come with us. it was so great having them around. i swam across the lake twice, wheeee! and we had yummy food. pork chops, fried chicken, etc. pound cake of course. that house is so wonderful and relaxing. and it's nice to have today off. i worked on homework til 12ish and then went to mary eyles' funeral with dad and mary lynn and just got back like 45 minutes ago. it was really interesting to see how the dhhs community comes together like that. it makes me hope that my classes will be friendly and close to each other in 30 years. i'm glad i could see ML too. we stopped at jake's for ice cream afterwards. now i have more work to do, grr. but at least i didn't have school today and i have gotten a decent amount of sleep for the past 3 nights.

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