Sunday, September 18, 2005

2:15 pm
this weekend has been fairly good.
on friday the kappa club meeting was annoying/chaotic. i wish we had more seniors and more old people. oh well. the rest of the day was good. megan and i went to my haircut and i got pretty layers. then we went to my thai and ate dinner, it was super yummy except for my unknowing incident with a pepper. OW! then we went to allie's and saw her senior pictures! prettty. then we went to the yaab and sat on the benches and hung out. then we went to ms. D's show at the schwartz center. daniella and richard came too, and johanna was there!! it was a GREAT show. and raisa was there too bc her mom and sister danced in it. it was so much fun and i am so glad that we went. yayeee. i'm glad megan could come with me.
yesterday i slept in and did homework. then robby came over and ate dinner with us and we watched vicar episodes. it was enjoyable. i missed him this week.
today has been ehhh, and all of my own doing... i had my solo in "be thou my vision" and it did not go as well as i would have preferred. some of it is high for me anyway, but i don't feel like i had enough time to prepare and i was shaky and squeaky and it really made me angry at myself. i stewed for the rest of the service and started crying once it was over. it really pisses me off that i screwed it up. it seems like wes just should have gotten a soprano to do it. so i came home and cried and stewed in my room and then ate grilled cheese s/wich and cookie dough. i am feeling better but blech. i guess i always feel stupid for feeling so melodramatic if i do badly or not as good, but mom always says i shouldn't be sorry about what i feel. i just do not like overreacting and then going "oh! nevermind! i feel great now!" it's hard to explain.
the end
for now

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