Sunday, August 28, 2005

9:50 pm
yawn. i dont wanna go to school tomorrow, waaaaaaaah.
good weekend.
good things:
- watching friends
- megan and melissa time
- danielle helping me get my college apps done
- swimming
- ch 11
- lullwater with robby
- willys with the fam and robby
- brusters
- home to watch tv
- robby time
- starbucks
- john roeser sunday school
- church
- david was there
- lunch @ athens
- nap time
- swim lesson w/ jinger
- choir kickoff
- youth
yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy :)
god pls help me to get thru this week and get to the wonderful holiday weekend. help me to get all my work done and be a good kappa prez too, and a good friend, girlfriend, daughter, sister. jeez that's a lot, hehe. help me not to stress. and to have no cavities. and be with people in new orleans like emily beasley who is just starting @ tulane. and bless squishy and sparky. and hal. and jordan in his new job. and ammmmy. and robbster. and my parents. and nana since uncle leland just died. man i cant wait for the montagnes.

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