Tuesday, August 02, 2005

9:36 pm
AHHHHHHHHHHHH i'm HOOOOOOOME! dad and i just drove 1400 miles in 4 days. we visited kenyon, denison, and sewanee.
kenyon is AWESOME!!! damn it's so far away though!
denison, i'm taking off my list. i'm not going all the way to ohio for denison.
sewanee was my middle best... i didn't like it as much as kenyon but maybe i could learn to. i don't like the 65% greek life, even if it is nonresidential/open etc.
so yeah, i'm home til fri which = billy brown til sat. evening. then i get to savor the (gulp) last week!



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Anonymous said...

aiii woman...we have to have a tt party or something before i leave (the 14th). are you game?
ps if you ever wanna visit uga...i have a room