Saturday, August 06, 2005

9:14 pm
i am back AGAIN--- this time i was at billy brown, whoo hoo!
it was quite fun. good times, i heart seed lake and the rushings' cabin. wheeee. we got to sleep late today bc we planned everything last night! then after we got back i went to dinner with mason, megan, bo, katherine, and chris. it was fun. now i am hoooome and my senior pictures came in the mail!!! ooooo exciting. they turned out fairly well! :)
so earlier this week... i hung out at robby's house on wed. night which was fun. we watched "little big man" with dustin hoffman which was good. yayee! the next day, thursday, mom and i swam at the pool (40 laps in 30 mins! yeehah!) and then robby and i got lunch from oak grove market. mmm cuban sandwiches, onion rings, and coke icees! then we watched "a beautiful mind" which he had never seen before. then he left later, and megan came over. yay! we talked, went to brusters, etc. and then she ended up having to spend the night bc the storms were so bad. it was a fun and impromptu thing.
so yeah thats about it... tomorrow = sunday!! YAYYY! church, and then laser show! yeehah :)


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